Glimpse of the Life of Taylor: Fashion Guru, Stylist, & Camera Ready

john5Creativity. Definitely not the word. Stylish. Still not enough. Aberrant is the right fit. Taylor, a current student at North Carolina Central University located in Durham North Carolina is the epitome of a fashionable lady. From discovering her about a year ago from a mutual follower, I feel in love with her style and ora that she presented. 

Taylor has been featured on ASOS Fashion Finder, StyleIsFab, Lioness Blog, NastyGal, GoJane, Edge Magazine, and many more blogs, magazines, and websites. 

Nothing shall stop Taylor from succeeding because it is viewed in her work thus far. Ladies, if you want insight about her style, follow her at the links below.

Instagram: @taylormcfly

Facebook: theskinnyfashionista

Blog: theskinnyfashionista

Short interview conversation with Taylor:

    1. What was your inspiration be involved with fashion? My inspiration started from watching my mother dress herself when I was younger. She was always experienced with putting the perfect accessories to go with her outfits and she always had herself put together well.
    2. When did you decide that modeling is the right fit for you? I don’t necessarily model, but I do help brands promote their clothing by showcasing it on my social networks. Modeling isn’t really a career I want, but I consider it to be a hobby because I do love to be in front of the camera. adventure3
    3. What is your career path? My career path is to work in the fashion industry behind the scenes, such as fashion buying, styling, and creative directing for fashion magazines. I’ve always wanted to be the person who helped put looks together to create for the consumer. I’ve never really wanted to be in the spotlight.
    4. How has North Carolina Central University helped you in regards to your career path? It has helped me connect to a lot of people who have the same interests as I. I have done so much networking in my two years at NCCU so far and the fashion classes that I have taken pertaining to my major have helped a bunch also. There are so many creative people around that help me learn things that I maybe didn’t know.
    5. What do you do right now? Right now, I attend school full time and I blog part time. I’m basically just trying to build up my networking circle for future opportunities. 
    6. What are you favorite places to shop? I LOVE to thrift shop. To me, there is no store better than thrift shopping because being a college student, I save a lot of money by thrifting. But when I do decide to go outside of thrifting, I will online shop at places such as Nasty Gal, Go Jane, She Inside, or little shops I find on Etsy.
    7. Describe your style and look. I’ll describe my style as spontaneous because I’m always trying new things. I’ve never stuck to one style because I think it’s pretty boring. I can go from dressing tomboy, to 90’s, to grunge, all the way to being a full out minimalist. My style moves with my mood.
    8. Describe how you see yourself in the next 5 years. In the next five years, I see myself living in New York and being successful in the fashion industry, whether I’m a millionaire or not. I just want to do something positive.


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